this is all a dream

this is all for a novel
none of this is true



Hey there everyone,

I’m in a state of emergency at the moment. I am being forced to sue the individual who hit me with their car nearly 3 months ago by the insurance company representing this person.They are illegally going against what I am owed for what is known as LOSS OF USE. They owe me nearly $5,000 but have issued me a check for only $1105 that I cannot touch or will lose the ability to recoup any more money in small claims. 

I am flat broke and cannot buy food nor pay for any of my bills (i’m out of pain meds and can’t afford a refill currently). I am asking for help; I have an online store where you can purchase prints or other items i have made personally at; you can also make donations through pay pal using my email address 

I am also selling my Polaroid 600se camera (see video) so email me if you’re interested in purchasing that.

What I personally need is a job. I live in Los Angeles and am looking for whatever work out there I can do with my disability. 

Please, I am in a very bad situation where I was expecting money from the insurance company to be able to live for the next few months and buy a new vehicle but i’m being screwed by them. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


This fine gent is in a terrible situation and needs your help, take a moment if you can.

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Funny story

Went into sephora inside the Jcpennys I got followed into AND I ran into the guy I thought was an undercover LP and u know I was FUCKING right I was asking the employee at the store who that man was and she goes oh that’s the loss prevention guy ! OMG if I wouldn’t of left all that shit in the fitting room I would if gotten caught

I’ve been gone for awhile lol but I’m back 😏

Anonymous asked: i've done the ebay scam many of times but today i got caught (kinda) so i go about my way to send this guy a message asking for a refund bla bla bla but i forgot i had already told him i have received the item in another message!!!!!! (i had previously asked him a question about it and had said thank you bc i had received it) fuck so yeah i closed the case straight away before he messaged back, the item worth was only £14.99 will i get into trouble?


Say you had an allergic reaction from it if it’s a skin care thing and say you didn’t like it broke or something unless you said you didn’t receive it after you told him you already got it

Anonymous asked: what's sugaring?


Lol being a sugar baby getting old men to spend their money on you



If you need help with tips with sugaring, please feel free to message me. 

There’s no option to message you is your ask box open?


5fingerdiscountxo I’m actually surprisingly okay with this, like idk I’m kinda happy I’m on the list? And you’ll get on it eventually!!

I’m just not prepared to deal with anon hate at all lol I’m sensitive 😕 →





guys we should all make aim accounts to chat/share tips!!!!


When I was sugaring we’d have private tinychats with a password that would change every now and then! Too bad it doesn’t share pictures, I…

I wanna be added on kik guys don’t leave me lol

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And that’s why I have been quiet the last weeks and stayed to myself the last thing I want is attention from people

Guys I befriended the mall security guy lol and he told me how he’s not allowed to search or anything just follow you to see the tags to your car to give it to the police so be careful when you leave the mall and make sure no one is following you !!!!!